Hennig / Osung Mechatronics Co. Ltd.

Founded in June 2004, Osung Mechatronics Co. Ltd became a licensed partner of Hennig GmbH, Kirchheim (Munich) in 2006. With Hennig know-how and quality, the company manufactures complete X-Y systems and telescoping steel covers for Doosan, the largest South Korean machine tool company, while striving to expand its business in South Korea.Osung Mechatronics will also continue to expand its product lines to handle all Hennig products including wipers, aprons, bellows, roll-up covers, etc. Through penetration of the South Korean market,Osung Mechatronics is quickly becoming an additional pillar of the Global Hennig Network in Asia. 

The Hennig / Osung Mechatronics website is in process and will be available soon.  In the meantime, see the entire Hennig product line at www.hennig-gmbh.de.