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Meet AME and Hennig Salesman Jeff Aston

October 29, 2020

Jeff AstonWe're sharing an interview with Jeff Aston, Southwest regional sales manager. Discover how he joined the manufacturing industry and forged a path with Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) and Hennig.


Who is Jeff Aston?

Back in the mid-80s, Jeff got into machining straight out of the Navy. For most of his career, Jeff has worn all kinds of hats: Machinist, Programmer, even General Manager. Whatever it takes to keep the machine shop going. 

He recently moved into the action-packed sales field, ready to talk shop and serve our clients in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.


What first got him into the manufacturing industry?

At first, it was something to do after he got out of the Navy. He went to work for his cousin that owned a large aerospace machine shop. He started off at the ground floor and it started to grow on him.

“I was making something out of nothing. Something I can kind of hang my hat on and take pride in.”


Why did AME and Hennig choose Jeff?

We appreciate Jeff’s pedigree. Someone who started on the ground floor and knows machining like the back of his hand. He knows the workflows and knows how to manage a shop. 

More importantly, he knows the pains of running a machine shop. He is living in the mind of the manufacturing leaders who he is serving.

Having been in the Navy and from Texas, he is right at home with the “American Made” pride that AME holds dear. 


If he didn't need to work, what would Jeff be doing?

Jeff is a typical Texan and outdoor living is his brand. Hunting, fishing and simply bathing in that scorching Texan sun are his favorite hobbies.

“If I could just make my living room my back patio that would be the best thing.”


If he could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Jeff feels like the passion and interest in machining has been dwindling, and he would like to reignite that fire in the American youth. Instead of automating every single task they had, some effort should be put into equipping the young generations to be more self-sufficient.


What is one unique way that Jeff is living out the company mission?

Education before sales is the best way to ensure our customers understand where their opportunities for improvement lie. They are investing in their problems to make their future better.


What is Jeff's first order of business at AME and Hennig?

Forging a path in a new territory for Hennig is his top priority. It would bring him much joy to be the person at the forefront of Hennig's expansion in his territory. He is passionate about bringing the work in and being the reason the PO comes in. 

“I get to set the pitch for them.”

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