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Chip Conveyors and Coolant Filtration Systems

Automate chip removal and increase your machining productivity with solutions that safely remove the waste from your processes.

Our systems are built based on your requirements and can be custom engineered to manage any chip type and material, scrap, parts, coolant, and coolant filtration.

Our expert designers are equipped with the know-how you'll need for a solution that fits. With long history partnering with global machine tool brands, chances are we've designed it before, but we're no stranger to large complex systems connecting multiple machines for a fully automated manufacturing plant.


  • Overload/Jam protection
  • Variable Speed drive (1.1m/min - 3.3m/min)
  • Paint colors - blue / white / grey / black
  • Incline Angle - 60* / 45*


  • Overhead torque limiter (1.6m/min, 2.2 m/min, 3.0 m/min)
  • VFD or Control box
  • Coolant tanks
  • Coolant filtration (CDF – Chip Disc Filtration)
  • Custom paint colors
  • Custom incline angle
  • Custom chutes
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel rails

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